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* Best lawyers are determined primarily by win rates and case type experience. Where appropriate, case duration and
judge analytics will also be considered.  Past results do not guarantee similar results. Contact us for more information.

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About Us

We are a law firm dedicated to ensuring your case is in the right hands.  Primarily, we do two things.  First, we use proprietary technology to identify – who is the best lawyer for any given case and introduce that lawyer or firm to you.  Second, we work with that lawyer to make sure the case is progressing as it should by maintaining constant communication with both you and the chosen lawyer.   You can call us your personal “in-house” lawyers.  Bestquire is managed by Eli Lidsky, Esq., a Florida bar certified attorney and whose passion is helping people get the recovery they deserve – not the one they often get instead.

Our Mission

We are changing the way lawyers are hired by providing unparalleled and unmatched transparency to an industry that is long overdue. Why? Because Your lawyer matters. Misleading billboards and bus signs are a thing of the past.  We’re here to help clients get the most for their case by linking clients to lawyers who have proven to be the very best at exactly what those clients need.  It’s difficult to find a good lawyer – we make it easy, reliable and best of all, FREE!


Ah, the boring stuff.  To determine which lawyers will give the client their best chance to succeed in litigation, we collect millions of publicly available court documents, gather and organize the information, and finally perform advanced secret algorithms through which we can accurately analyze the information to determine which lawyers are really best at what they do.  It’s really pretty amazing.

How it works

Contact us

Contact us

Contact us for a free and confidential lawyer search consultation.  Once we know more about your case we’ll know what lawyer might be best for your needs.  There’s no one size fits all when it comes to lawyers.  Let us do the leg work for you.

We Get To Work

We Get To Work

We run the numbers and identify the lawyer with the most experience and track record of success in your case type.



We put you in touch with the lawyer for your case.   There’s no obligation to use the lawyer we’ve selected but we think you’re in good hands.  We stay involved and on top of your case to make sure it is progressing as it should and remain available for consultations should any issue come up.  Congratulations, you now have two teams of lawyers on your side.

Why us ?

We’ve made it our mission to fix the most pressing problems with finding a good lawyer:

Current Problems

No way of knowing which lawyers have had success.  Lawyers can join any referral service.  Billboards and TV ads are wildly misleading.

Referral Services often have you speak with a “referral specialists” with no proper legal education.

Most lawyer referral services charge you for the referral to their network of lawyers.

The lawyers referred to your case often won’t have the right amount of experience to handle your case.

Corporations and deep pocketed companies have been using analytics to find the best attorney for years, leaving individuals and small businesses at an extreme disadvantage in court.

Referral services or matching sites are not law firms and don’t provide any legal consultations after the initial intake.  Once they hang up the first time, their job is over.

Bestquire Solutions

Our lawyers are picked based on their previous success and experience.  They don’t pick us.  We pick them.

You’ll always speak with a licensed attorney before any referral is made.  We understand that legal issues can be complicated and you need the right lawyer for your case.

All our referrals are 100% free.

We’ll only refer lawyers that have proved themselves to be successful in your case type. 

We’re leveling the playing field.  You can finally go to court with the comfort and knowledge of knowing you have a great attorney ready to fight for you.

Bestquire remains committed to your case until the very end.  We ensure the lawyers are doing their job and are always available for short consultations.   Big companies have lawyers who manage their lawyers – you should too.

Covering counties with a cumulative population of over 40 million

Records on over 50,000 attorneys

Over 1 million cases reviewed

Data on over 35 Case Types

What kind of data we acquire?
Why is it important?

Lawyer Win Rate

The most important data point is our ability to compare how often lawyers win. After all,  if you’re not hiring an attorney to WIN your case, what are you hiring them for?  Remember:  previous results never guarantee a similar outcome – but a lawyer who wins often, wins often.


Give yourself the ultimate advantage in court with a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer with your specific case type. This is your opportunity to leverage a lawyers experience and skill for your benefit.

Case Duration

Case durations are important.  They provide insight into how long a case may take to conclude and provide insight into certain tendencies of lawyers as well.

Judge Analytics

Where available, we keep data on how attorneys perform in front of particular judges.   We can use this data to help you find best lawyer for your particular judge.

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